What We're About

What Poaster Does

“Marketing” has always been a heavy idea for small business. Too many choices, too expensive, and too time consuming. What works? What doesn’t? Maybe you already use Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to build awareness of your business. But awareness doesn’t pay the bills. You need to sell.

Consider Poaster your marketing weapons belt, with just the right gadgetry – easy, quick and powerful - to win on the social media battlefield. Doing it the right way used to be the privilege of Big Brands with Big Money. Now, in under 2 minutes, you’ll take your own small business all the way from show and tell to share and sell.

The Pareto Principle

Also known as the 80/20 Rule, it’s an approach used for decades by large companies but little understood by many small entrepreneurs. Poaster is designed based on this proven formula.

As your business builds a fan base, your repeat customers - the top 20% - should be bringing in 80% of your revenue. Sound crazy? Well, Walmart, Amazon and Apple don’t think so. And neither do the most successful small businesses.

Repeat Customers are just better

New customers are not your most efficient and profitable play. Sell to your social networks! After all, they usually are your top customers. And with Poaster, the little bit of time and money you have for marketing your small business is spent building your biggest opportunity for growth.

How and why poaster works

Optimized for smart phones, Poaster lets you quickly create and share picture ads and compelling offers to your news feeds. With built-in action buttons, your best customers get in on your deal with only a tap of their screen – buying your product, claiming your offer, or booking your service from wherever, whenever.

Join the poaster revolution

  • We’re big strategy made simple.
  • We’re big marketing made easy.
  • We’re small business and the middle class with a new edge against Big Money and Big Corporate.

Poaster is about the independents. The locals. The sole proprietors and the franchisees. It’s about your neighborhood and your “economy.” After all, nearly 30% more of every dollar spent with you stays in your community versus any dollar handed to a corporate chain.

Poaster is more than an app – bigger even than a “platform.” Because in Poaster we’re launching a movement.

In short, we’re not just looking for users. We’re looking for allies. We believe the cards are stacked against very small businesses like yours – and we’re out to change that once and for all.